In September: expanding our hybrid (in-person + virtual) events, celebrating a full return

09/01/2021 08:00 AM - 08:15 AM PT




More SEPTEMBER events are coming soon!

We're using this summer to return to our long-awaited in-person events, outdoor and indoor, focussing on planning in a mindful way. As a result, our events calendar will be light these months, as we reflect on what we've learned this past pandemic year, as well as from our ongoing Community Needs Survey. (If you haven't taken it, please spend 5 minutes sharing your thoughts!).

In July and August, we're carefully ramping up our program, learning as we go about how best to offer as much in the way of community and support as we can, mindful of the ongoing challenges of ensuring the health and safety of our youngest and most vulnerable community members. In July we're piloting "hybrid," or in-person and virtual playgroups, and in August, adding to these, as well as offering a few informational workshops.

We hope to celebrate a full return in September with an oudoors community-wide event.

We're excited to phase our work back in better than ever, for staff and for community, so that we all may help one another thrive.

We look forward to seeing you again soon!