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Dear OFC Families,

family-programs-director-with-familyToday, we're ten days into the Bay Area shelter in place order. How are you doing?

Personally, it's been a tough time, transitioning to working from home and juggling parenting responsibilities with small kiddos (that's me, at the left, with my family). A lot of my comfort has been found in connecting online with you. We want to thank you for showing up for us! 

In an effort to continue to provide comfort and togetherness for our LGBTQ+ community – via secure, HIPAA-compliant phone and video conferences – we're adding three new opportunities to connect.

Please take a look at the table below, and note the new workshopParenting/supporting healthy development amidst COVID-19, this Monday, March 30th.  Devon Artusio, MS, CCLS will address ways to talk about – and weather – COVID-19 with your children that meet them where they are, developmentally.

We’re also adding a virtual bi-weekly QTPOC group starting Wednesday, April 8th. 

We understand that 24/7 connection at this time is critical. So we've started a private Facebook group: OFC Community During COVID 19 . This group is for you to share with other OFC families your successes, resources, and concerns at any time of the day or night. 

Please join us. As I mentioned in my previous email, we need more connection at this time, not less. 

Parenting/ Supporting Healthy Development Amidst COVID-19 Monday March 30 12-1PM An interactive and informational hour addressing ways to talk about (and weather) COVID-19 with your children that meet them where they are, developmentally.
Prospective & Expectant Group Monday March 30 6-8PM Support and community for those participants in the family building process.
LGBTQ+ Parents/ Caregivers of Teens alternating Tuesdays March 31 8-9:30PM For those caring for teens and tweens: a space to address our stresses, challenges, and opportunities.
Weekly Community Check-in for Parents of School-aged kids most Wednesdays
(until we resume in-person programs)
April 1 7:30-9PM Weekly check-in and support for parents with children in elementary school and beyond.
Weekly Community Check-in for Parents with kids aged 0-4 Mondays (until we resume in-person programs) April 6 11:30AM-1PM For parents of our tiniest humans!
QTPOC Parents Group alternating Wednesdays April 8  6-8PM Support and community for queer & trans parents of color.


Please attend any and all virtual events you'd like. We've sorted the groups to enable family members with like concerns to find one another, but we're open to anyone attending who just needs the safe space and a friendly face. 

In community and best wishes,
Cheryl Lala, MS
Family Programs Director

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